Like Trump, Ilhan Omar needs to learn when to shut up

Speaking of playbooks, this is how Omar and her cohort usually respond to criticism. They claim they’re being oppressed, that shadowy forces are attempting to silence young women of color. They then reiterate the thing they’re attempting to walk back, repeating the initial charge with slightly more polished language. They then conclude with something cliché such as, “I’m not leaving this fight!” or “Justice is our cause!” In fact, if Omar sees the article, I guarantee she'll claim it's an attempt to "silence" her, a woman of color. It’s as tiresome as it’s predictable.

“I am someone who has survived war and experienced injustice firsthand, who is alive today because I was welcomed into this country as a refugee,” Omar’s post-CNN spin continued, “I know that many of my colleagues — both Jewish and non-Jewish — deeply share that commitment to fighting injustice.”

It goes on like that for a bit, but you get the point. This is what we call crisis communications.

That Omar so frequently finds herself in these positions is about as funny as it is bewildering. Maybe she really is a motor-mouth with a weird Israel fixation. Then again, perhaps the holes she keeps digging for herself are part of some master strategy I’m just not seeing.