Why I'm worried about a Herschel Walker Senate run in Georgia

My great concern about Walker has nothing to do with that, though I suspect the diagnosis will be used against him and he will need to find ways to push back. Let’s be honest, the Democrats and collaborates in the press will find ways to push Walker to provoke him. He is going to need to surround himself with competent people.

Therein lies my concern. I have a sense of some of the people Walker has been talking to and working with and that gives me hope. But his day-to-day team is going to matter and because there’s been buzz for some time in Trump circles, I worry a rich man from out of state with fame is going to be circled by grifters like vultures do to roadkill. He’s going to need a highly competent, polished team that gets him off and running. On the GOP side of late, the rich men with high name ID are the ones who the grifters seem to take advantage of the most. The team is going to matter.