“The president is the biggest liability to our reelection”

According to Bender, Sims edited Crenshaw’s speech by adding various embellishments of Trump before sending it back to the congressman’s office. Justin Discigil, Crenshaw’s communications director, responded with a defense of his boss’ original speech, and that’s when Sims called him with a reprimand.

“If you think your guy is going to speak at the president’s convention without mentioning him and no one is going to notice, you’re crazy,” Sims said.

The book goes on to report that Crenshaw was prepared to walk away from the convention if his speech was tampered with, and that Discigil was concerned that “The president is the biggest liability to our reelection.” Crenshaw did end up speaking at the RNC while giving a nod to “the president” over the military, though he was bumped out of his prime-time slot — and Sims reportedly tried to confront Discigil about the lack of Trump mentions afterward.