"I haven’t seen anything since Reagan in ‘80. He was unbelievable."

Scarborough said in a Tuesday segment of Morning Joe that he spoke with “friends” who attended the Western Conservative Summit over the weekend, where both DeSantis and former Vice President Mike Pence spoke. “I asked … how was Pence received?” Scarborough said. “They said, ‘Well, here’s the deal. It was respectful. They know Mike Pence, they’ve loved him for 20 years. He got three standing ovations.’ But it was muted. He would have had 15 standing ovations last year.

“But then, this one person said, ‘But my God, you should have seen the response for Ron DeSantis,” Scarborough added. “He was like a conquering king. And this person who’s been in Republican politics for 40, 45 years said, ‘I haven’t seen anything since Reagan in ‘80. He was unbelievable.’ I keep hearing this.”

Interjecting, former Republican National Committee Chair Michael Steele replied, “I have too.”...

“Just rock star status,” Scarborough raved. “This guy is taking over the Republican Party.”