The spectacular failure of the MyPillow guy's mask operation

“I can’t give them away,” Lindell told The Daily Beast in a phone interview this week. “I tried to. No one wants the things anymore.”

Lindell, who claims to have retrofitted about 75 percent of MyPillow’s manufacturing line to sew cloth masks, said the machinery and space he’d invested in now sits idle and empty. The CEO estimates he was able to offload about 5 percent of his mask inventory, and that all told, the operation cost his company and him personally a combined $7 million.

“How many of those do we have, that we ought to just burn?” Lindell asked an aide during the interview. The assistant confirmed the number was about two million.

Lindell chalks up his losses to various parties, including “many bad people in the mask industry,” Google, the media, and politically motivated boycotts. But the biggest hit came when foreign competitors undercut prices and flooded the market.