Pennsylvania's conspiracy kiss-up contest

A Republican Pennsylvania governor willing to go along with bogus election audits could play a central role in flipping the swing state in Trump’s favor in the case of a close Democratic win in 2024.

Meanwhile, a Republican winning Pennsylvania’s Senate seat in 2022 could put control of the U.S. Senate back into GOP hands. And come January 6, 2025, a GOP-controlled Senate could do what most House Republicans did earlier this year and object to some states’ election results, thereby blocking the rightful winner from stepping foot in the White House.

It’s all theoretical of course, but the 2020 election could have gone much differently if only a few more Trump enablers were in the right places. And it sure seems like plenty of Pennsylvania Republicans are auditioning for just such a role—not to represent Pennsylvania’s interests but to represent Donald Trump’s. If MAGA Republicans learned anything by losing the 2020 presidential election, it’s that there might be ways to install Trump as president other than by earning the most votes.

Trump sees the opportunity to lay some groundwork in 2022. He just needs the right people—meaning candidates who are willing to play along with his big election lies yet also capable of winning statewide. Not the easiest combination to find.