Criticizing critical race theory doesn't make you a racist

There is type who, understanding the above points but viscerally devoted to smoking out the evil operators who want to keep racism secret out of “fragility,” insists that the modern version of CRT is not actually being foisted upon students anywhere – or at least, not enough to matter.

Well, there are crystal clear reports of the takeover of this ideology at several schools in the New York area these days – I am aware of seven at this writing. Then, there are reports of school boards actively considering ideas like these nationwide. Then there is a source that I admit needs to be processed so that it can be aired officially, that we could call “Glenn Loury and John McWhorter’s inboxes” – a good 15 messages we get from concerned parents and teachers every single week (now since last summer) about this ideology permeating schools nationwide. The organization FAIR will also attest to the sheer volume of cases of this kind. As do the contents of the message sections of certain Substack newsletters.

Still just a bunch of anecdotes? Okay, let’s try this. If there were this volume of reports of exactly this kind – the same combination of media and independent testimony – of cop killings of black men, it would treated with no hesitation as evidence of a national scourge. It would treated that way if the corpus consisted of about a quarter of the volume of the one I refer to. Anyone who claimed that this body of reportage and testimony qualified as mere “anecdote,” and that there could be no verdict until the data were all in and subjected to years’ worth of statistical analysis (over which the experts would then fight for another decade then yielding no real conclusion …), would be dismissed as a pariah within milliseconds.