Parents seeing through educrats’ lies about critical race theory can fight it and win

Since school administrators will lie or obfuscate to push critical race theory, parents have one choice: They have to run candidates to replace school boards. School-board elections are usually quiet because unions and other insiders like it that way. Now is the time for parents to grab control.

Twenty states with GOP legislative majorities are trying to ban critical race theory. They aren’t calling for whitewashing American history, contra the lies of activists and their big-media allies. All the lawmakers want are diverse viewpoints — real critical thinking. And they would prohibit shaming students for their “privilege.”

Even so, state bans are not ideal because it’s hard to know what’s going on in each school. That’s what local school boards are for.

Even in blue states like New York and Connecticut, Republican candidates who challenge local school boards will make inroads and gain converts. This is a winning issue for the right: Parents — Democrats and Republicans, black and white — want their children educated, not indoctrinated.