Joe Biden's deserved, humiliating loss at the Supreme Court

The case pertains to a specific technical matter with President Donald Trump’s criminal justice reform law, the First Step Act. Among other things, this law allowed current federal inmates to have their sentences revisited if they had been affected by the old pre-2010 mandatory minimum sentences, which were much stiffer for offenses involving crack than for offenses involving powder cocaine.

This case had been brought by Tarahrick Terry, a career criminal and federal prisoner who pleaded guilty in 2008 to dealing crack cocaine. His plea came in exchange for having additional gun charges dropped by President Barack Obama’s Justice Department. (Incidentally, this common occurrence should be considered every time politicians such as Obama and Biden engage in their typical empty posturing about gun violence.)

Terry thought the First Step Act would be his literal Get Out of Jail Free card. The federal courts did not go for it. The court's 9-0 decision this week prevented Biden’s soft-on-crime Justice Department from defying the rule of law and gave him that card anyway.