The coming backlash against woke public schools

Parents don’t want their children taught that they are oppressors if they have the wrong skin color. Teaching little white kids that they are evil because of their race is wicked, just as it was when the worst schools of our past taught little black children that they were intellectually inferior because of their race. Vanishingly few parents want their children immersed in a one-sided racial vendetta seeking to blame seven-year-olds for the acts of some people with their same skin color from past generations. This is racial scapegoating, growing from the same depraved ideology that in times past has conferred guilt and blame on entire people groups based solely on race. Parents don’t want their children sexualized with a constant discussion of gender fluidity and other concepts that were considered mental illnesses just a few years ago and whose treatments are still fiercely debated by medical experts around the world. And the parents of female athletes are outraged that their daughters are losing spots on varsity teams and award stands to biological males who have subjectively identified as female.