The vaccine bubble: If you’re not vaccinated, neither are most of those you know

Just about half of all adults (49%) say that all or most of their friends have received the coronavirus injections. That rises to three in four of those who are fully vaccinated (74%). But among those who are resistant to receiving the vaccine, a majority have either few (45%) or no (8%) friends who have been vaccinated. In addition, more than a third of those who aren’t sure whether they will be vaccinated (37%) say they simply don’t know the vaccination status of those close to them. There are similar trends for the family members of the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Two-thirds of Americans who do not plan to get vaccinated say either few (39%) or none (28%) of their vaccine-eligible family members have gotten the shot. Likewise, most adults who are not sure about getting vaccinated say that few (37%) or none (17%) of their family members got vaccinated. On the other hand, four in five fully vaccinated adults say all (43%) or most (35%) of their family members are vaccinated.