The left hates Joe Manchin. His fellow Senate Dems are staying quiet.

“Of course I’m frustrated. Who isn’t frustrated?” said one Senate Democrat who requested anonymity to speak freely. “Do you want to see the patches where I pulled my hair out?”

Those who serve alongside Manchin generally see nothing to gain by ticking off their mercurial colleague, at least in public. That’s not just because of how desperately they need Manchin to confirm President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees. Democrats also will have to rely on his vote if they try to push through a sweeping infrastructure spending bill on party lines...

Some Democrats say that despite his current opposition to the elections bill, Manchin could still help the cause, either by helping to advance it procedurally or being open to supporting it if changes are made. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has vowed to put the legislation on the floor the last week of June. But a vote that’s not unanimous would only allow Republicans to highlight the bipartisan opposition, working against Schumer's goal.

Manchin is slated to meet with civil rights groups Tuesday about voting. Durbin said senators should “talk to Joe” before putting a voting rights bill on the floor.

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