Why America needs a January 6 commission

On Trump’s behalf, a number of MAGA-aligned organizations and activists engaged in “Stop the Steal” efforts to advocate for recounts and audits. Behind closed doors, Trump pressured Georgia officials to recount the state election results and find enough new ballots to secure his victory. Trump associates spun foreign ballot conspiracies. Trump reportedly held meetings about commandeering ballot machines for his lawyers to investigate. Trump is also said to have discussed the possibility of declaring martial law with his advisors.

This flurry of activity, both inside and outside the White House, contributed to the wild and chaotic atmosphere that existed on January 6. Determining what factors influenced his supporters is necessary if Congress wants to prevent future attacks.

When it comes to January 6, those who organized and participated in the pre-insurrection rally headlined by Trump deserve special scrutiny. That event served a critical organizing purpose for the mob. And those who helped summon thousands of people to Washington that day bear some responsibility and have a duty to testify to everything they knew that could have boosted and or provided cover for the violent actors.