In Wyoming, Trump endorsement will reshape race against Cheney

“It’s bad,” said Bill Cubin, a Republican operative in the state and son of former Rep. Barbara Cubin. “The principle you can’t beat somebody with nobody applies. But if there’s a good candidate who can corner [Cheney] one-on-one with Trump’s endorsement, they can beat her.”...

But the Republican who eventually receives Trump’s endorsement might not yet be a declared candidate. The filing deadline to run for Congress in Wyoming in the midterm elections is not until late May of next year. Some Republicans believe that more formidable contenders, such as Ed Buchanan, the secretary of state, and Jillian Balow, the state superintendent of public instruction, are waiting to see if Cheney runs before they announce.

If the incumbent congresswoman toughs it out, Buchanan, Balow, or some other top-tier Republican might yet move against her in the primary. But there is no rush to do so at this early stage of the election cycle.