Stefanik is the wrong answer to Cheney's anti-Trump stand

So here is the problem. The conservative accommodation with President Trump was that, despite misgivings (not only about his character but about his historical Democratic leanings), you supported him because he campaigned on conservative objectives. The rationalization was that even if you could not be confident that he’d deliver on his promises, you knew the alternative — progressive Democrats — would be a catastrophe for the country.

The idea was that Trump’s political fortunes were tied to the advancement of conservative policies. With Stefanik, in stark contrast, the Republican establishment has now elevated Trump loyalty at the expense of conservative objectives. That is not a good deal.

Liz Cheney is a committed conservative. You can disagree with her on foreign policy, but her views on this subject have been caricatured by Trump followers. It is not true that she never saw a war she did not want to send your kids to fight. But she understands that the only “forever war” out there is the one jihadists are committed to waging against the United States. I have always opposed the sharia-democracy promotion that the Bush-Cheney administration favored; but that administration was quite correct, and so is former Vice President Cheney’s daughter, that jihadist organizations do not stop planning to mass-murder Americans just because Democrats and Trump Republicans grow weary of the effort to deny them safe haven.