The women who enabled Jeffrey Epstein

Oh, now 42, told me she had met Epstein in 2000. She was 21 at the time and living in the New York suburbs with her parents when a friend introduced her to the man who would become what Oh described as a rich, older boyfriend. “I found myself a really great art patron who’s going to buy artwork from me,” she initially thought. Epstein even offered to pay for her to attend classes at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and, for a time, secured a studio for her in SoHo.

But it soon became clear Epstein wasn’t just a boyfriend or a benefactor. “The whole thing got really sketchy when he started … asking me, ‘Are there any cute girls in your class that you can bring over here?’” Oh told me. Oh might have been creeped out, but she complied with the requests: She told me she introduced three young adult women to Epstein.

Two of Epstein’s accusers, in fact, say Oh did more than that. Marijke Chartouni, a friend whom Oh introduced to Epstein when she was 20, told me she was sexually assaulted by both Oh and Epstein in her first, and only, encounter with him. Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of Epstein’s most vocal victims, who says she was recruited into Epstein’s orbit by Maxwell, also accuses Oh of violence. In a draft of a memoir filed as evidence in a defamation lawsuit, Giuffre wrote that Oh “loved bondage, whipping, hitting and cutting her sex partner with little sharp knives until they subdued [sic] to her punishment in agonizing pain.” In an interview, Giuffre showed me a scar on her upper thigh that she said came from one of these sex acts. She was 17 at the time.