71% of Republicans under 45 support increasing spending, even if it means tax hikes

The data comes as President Biden tries to appeal to Republicans to support his $2 trillion infrastructure package, which would provide advanced training for workers in manufacturing and other industries, invest in electric vehicles, and increase funding for rural broadband internet access, among other elements. Biden hopes to fund his infrastructure plan by raising taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans earning more than $400,000 annually. Three in five (62%) Americans support spending money on programs that could create jobs and improve the economy, even if taxes increase. About two in five (38%) would prefer to keep spending and taxes low. There is a large difference in the opinions of Republicans and Democrats on this question. More than a third of Republicans overall (39%) say they are willing to support increased spending, even at the risk of higher taxes. But there is an age gap among Republicans. Seven in ten Republicans under the age of 45 (71%) would spend more, even at the risk of higher taxes, compared to 29% of older Republicans. Younger Republicans make up less than a third of all those who identify as Republicans.