For the good of the country, Trump should pass the torch

Want to relive January 6 on your TV screen every single day of a campaign season four years later? I’m telling you, they will beat us with that dead horse until every suburban soccer mom in the country begs for mercy and posts a BLM banner on their social media profiles on the off chance that someone might think they are a dreaded ‘Trump insurrectionist.’ In truth, Democratic strategists would like nothing better than for Trump to run again. They are hoping for it, begging for it, and if they prayed, they’d be praying for it. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger. I don’t like any of the above any more than you do, but what we’d like doesn’t change reality. You can dispute the favorability polls all you want, but NONE of them are good. Face it, short of maybe the collapse of the dollar and a complete Mad Max-style apocalyptic breakdown of the country under Biden/Harris, this political reality isn’t likely to change. (God forbid, it COULD happen, I suppose, considering the breakneck pace at which they’re screwing things up so far - but it would have to be REALLY bad to make a difference, bad enough that none of us would want it to happen.) Acknowledging all this isn’t being a NeverTrumper. It’s being a realist. Fairly or unfairly, Donald Trump would bring far more negatives than positives to a 2024 presidential campaign. Will he recognize this and bow out in favor of a candidate with fewer negatives, perhaps playing the much more apropos role of kingmaker? Probably not, but I hope he does.