NYC schools’ Columbus Day ban proves bureaucrats hate the nation we love

Fact: Many of our city’s leaders really, truly, do not like this country at all — from its “inequity” to its health care to its fast food. And they’ve seized control of the microphone like Third World guerrillas who breach the palace defenses. Our bureaucrat class seethes with thinly concealed, sneering contempt for citizens of European — and Asian — descent. Which is why the imbeciles at the Department of Education nixed Columbus Day on the new school calendar and replaced it with Indigenous Peoples’ Day — even though the city is still home to at least 800,000 Italian Americans, its largest ethnic group according to the US census. In our corridors of learning, the howling minority rules. Not even Italian-American Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Italian-American Mayor Bill de Blasio, who are supposed to be in charge of city public schools, could save poor Columbus from cancellation.