If the GOP purges Cheney, it's purging many of us voters too

On every policy issue, Cheney is an unquestionably more conservative choice to lead House Republicans. Her approach to the former President could turn out to be politically savvy too; blind allegiance to a man who lost his election by a whopping 7 million votes is not exactly a surefire way for Republicans to retake the majority. But Cheney refuses to mislead about the election results, while Stefanik already has. Therein lies the difference.

A Republican Party that does not have room for a principled conservative like Liz Cheney does not have room for many of us. In scheming to overthrow her, House Republicans are sending a clear message that support for the former President's policies is not enough. Meeting the new and ever-changing definition of a true Republican requires one to accept and parrot Trump's every claim, the truth and the rule of law notwithstanding.

Liz Cheney saw this litmus test and courageously said "No." If she is allowed to be ejected from her leadership role for this stand, she might not go alone. In purging Cheney, Republicans just may be purging their would-be voters too.

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