Dem divisions resurface as Biden faces struggle to hold the Senate

In Pennsylvania, a Black, gay Senate candidate is already lashing out at his White Democratic primary rival, calling on him to apologize for once brandishing a shotgun to detain an unarmed Black jogger. In North Carolina, a barrier-breaking Black woman is rallying support from activists angry that Democratic leaders last time anointed a White male candidate whose campaign ended up imploding. One of her top primary rivals, though, is again a White man, who is promising to “talk to everyone — rural, urban, red, blue.” As Democrats survey the upcoming fight to keep their narrow Senate majority, they face similar challenges in an array of states: The factions that set aside their differences to deliver the Democrats control of Washington are redividing along racial, gender and generational lines. “We are going to see a lot of disruption in 2022,” predicted Donna Brazile, a veteran Democratic strategist and former party chair. “The party is growing, and it has growing pains.”