Tucker Carlson's faulty complaint about COVID vaccines

But what is most unique about these vaccines is that they are part of the largest vaccine rollout in human history. In the U.S. alone, 250 million doses have already been administered, with the number increasing by around 2 million daily. Worldwide, including all the various global vaccines, 1.21 billion doses have been given. The numbers are staggering by any measure.

These large numbers provide unique hurdles, but also clear benefits. The vast numbers mean following the data is difficult. But it also means that if there are true, directly related complications resulting from these vaccines, we should be better able to detect those aberrant findings. But pattern recognition is the key: VAERS is meant as a ‘catch all’ system. It was meant to overestimate the risk of complications, because it was felt that it is better to have to investigate more complications that are unrelated, than to miss important complications.

Because of the ‘catch all’ system, VAERS captures a lot of data on insignificant and minor complications. That is an intended result. And with normal vaccines, where we are talking less than 10 million doses a year, this is not problematic. With the COVID vaccine, however, we reached 10 million doses after five days.

This causes unique problems for VAERS, and it is this pitfall that Tucker Carlson has fallen into.