Source: No chance Cheney will resign her leadership position

If McCarthy’s comments are an attempt to pressure Cheney to resign voluntarily, they seem very unlikely to succeed. A source familiar with her thinking tells National Review there’s no chance Cheney will step down. If House Republicans want her out, they’re going to have to hold yet another vote — likely next week — to do it.

But why is this the moment at which McCarthy and his GOP colleagues want to give Cheney the boot?...

Cheney’s problem is her consistency. A leader telling the truth about Trump, the 2020 election, and January 6 — as McConnell did — is apparently something that can be tolerated once or twice within the congressional GOP ranks. Perhaps Cheney might still be allowed to timidly and apologetically express polite disagreement about the legitimacy of the election and the cause of the January 6 riot. But she continues to speak her conscience without equivocation — whether she’s asked about it by reporters or in response to new statements by Trump asserting the election was stolen.