Paul Ryan, it's time for you to stand up to Fox

Paul, your position right now is unique. You are not just the former vice-presidential nominee of your party and the former speaker of the House. You sit on the board of directors of the media company that is shaping and distorting the future of the movement to which you have given your life. It is spreading vicious racist tropes. It has become a vector of disinformation about the pandemic that is putting human lives in danger. Polls now find that 45 percent of Republicans say they don’t plan to get vaccinated. As a ballpark figure, based on the number of people who voted for Trump, that’s about 36 million people. Many of them got their information from Fox News. This is not a partisan talking point; we may now end up counting the consequences in lost human lives. What brighter red lines could possibly be crossed? If this isn’t the moment to draw your own line, what would be? If you want to make a difference, isn’t this the moment? If you want to change your legacy, isn’t this the time?