Tucker Carlson has a new GOP target

Carlson reported that McCarthy rents space in Luntz’s Penn Quarter penthouse, questioning whether that arrangement is allowed. McCarthy’s staff confirmed their roommate status in a statement to the network, though wouldn’t say how much he pays in rent. That’s beside the point, Carlson argued: “Now you know why they listen to Frank Luntz but they don’t listen to you!” Here’s the full clip

ADDING TO THE INTRIGUE: Carlson noted that Luntz and McCarthy’s “Odd Couple” arrangement was not something he just stumbled upon on his own but was leaked to Fox by a knowledgeable unnamed source. Hmm.

To summarize: The star of Republicans’ network of choice is being fed oppo about and is denouncing the man who wants to be speaker of the House. Not good for McCarthy, who, if the GOP takes back the House, will need 218 votes to secure the gavel. Remember what happened last time he went for it.

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