The truth about Trump's Operation Warp Speed

When the Biden administration asserts we had no plan to vaccinate Americans, it is insulting every career official in the CDC, every governor and mayor of the 64 public-health jurisdictions we devised, and every public-health official at the state, county, and city level in the U.S. In conjunction with these professionals, we developed a national operating plan and 64 micro-plans. Each was reviewed, evaluated, and scored. Distribution and administration of vaccines was another area of exceptional execution, for which Generals Perna, Ostrowski, and Sharpsten, along with CDC leaders such as Dr. Anita Patel, organized the very best of the private sector. McKesson, UPS, FedEx, CVS Health, and Walgreens were among our first partners. We eventually enrolled, and electronically linked, over 40,000 pharmacy locations, thousands of Community Health Centers, and thousands of hospitals, all of which are being well-utilized today. We developed Tiberius, the most sophisticated vaccine-tracking system ever used. Before the end of February 2021, only two months into the rollout, nearly every one of America’s 15,000-plus nursing-home residents had had the opportunity to receive two doses of vaccines. UPS and FedEx have maintained a 99.99 percent-plus record of on-time deliveries, to the right destinations, without compromising extraordinarily stringent storage and delivery requirements. On our last day in office alone, the CDC reported over 1.5 million newly vaccinated Americans.