Poll: Most are critical of White House's handling of the border

However, majorities in both parties say the government has done a bad job of dealing with the influx of asylum seekers at the border: 86% of Republicans rate the government’s performance negatively, as do 56% of Democrats. The public’s current evaluations of the government’s performance in dealing with the border situation are overall comparable to ratings two years ago, when the Trump administration faced an influx of children and families seeking asylum in the U.S. In August 2019, 33% said the government was doing well in dealing with the situation at the border. In contrast to today, however, in 2019 Republicans were far less critical of the government’s response than Democrats. A separate national survey of Latinos in the United States, conducted in March of this year, found that Latinos also gave negative ratings to the government’s job in dealing with the increase in children and families seeking asylum; just 36% said the government was doing a very or somewhat good job.