Forget herd immunity. Here's how we end this nightmare.

I fear we are heading toward a deep red state versus blue state divide, in which only the blue states slow or halt virus transmission. In contrast, the coronavirus will continue to circulate and mutate across the U.S. southern and mountain states. That is a major barrier to anything resembling herd immunity for the country. We must find a path to reach conservative groups and the GOP leadership to get Republican strongholds vaccinated. Another, perhaps less obvious move that is essential for Americans ready for this to be over already: vaccinating Canada. It makes no sense to vaccinate Detroit, Michigan, and yet ignore Windsor, Ontario, across the Detroit River. The same goes for Buffalo, New York, and Fort Erie, Ontario, connected by the legendary Peace Bridge. Yet Canada lags far behind the U.S. in vaccination coverage. Only 34 percent of Canada’s population has received a single dose of vaccine, and only 3 percent is fully vaccinated. Such numbers ensure that the virus will circulate in our northern states for many more months. With a Canadian population of 37.59 million, it is feasible for the U.S. to facilitate vaccinating Canada by expanding vaccine coverage another 11 percent. That is not a stretch, it’s the right thing to do, and in our enlightened self- interest. Similarly, only 6 percent of the Mexican population is fully vaccinated, while only 10 percent has received a single dose. Because of its much larger population and logistics, vaccinating Mexico is more daunting than Canada, but we should at least begin this process in a more accelerated manner.