Conservatives owe Kamala Harris a huge apology

There was only ever that one copy of the book at one migration center, and it arrived there as part of a mass book donation; the Biden administration had nothing to do with it. The Post reporter who broke the story has since resigned, admitting it was "an incorrect story I was ordered to write and which I failed to push back hard enough against." But the damage was already done. Just a tiny fraction of the people who saw that story maligning the vice president will ever see the retraction. And, what's more, many conservative critics never deleted their tweets or appended a correction to them. As of this writing, that includes Cotton and McDaniel. Simply put, many critics in conservative media and GOP politics got duped by a plausible-sounding story that confirmed our prior biases against this administration. We fell prey to the same "fake news" charge we often hurt at liberal media outlets. And it's not enough to just move on to the next criticism. We owe the vice president an apology and an acknowledgment of the mistake.