Race demagogues are poisoning our politics

It is a fraud, however, to infer police racism just because, as a class, young black men are stopped, arrested, prosecuted, and incarcerated at rates that “over-represent” their roughly 5 percent portion of the total U.S. population. The relevant metric is not population portion — that favorite statistic of the disparate-impact analysts. What matters is offense conduct. It is simply a fact that, as a class, young black men break the law at higher rates than other demographic groups. We know that based not on police observations but on victim reports — reports that also tell us black people are victimized by crime at unacceptably high rates.

That is reality. And it will be reality as long as communities demand safe streets, and as long as, consequently, police are deployed to the streets where crime is rampant and victims cry out for help.

The hustlers will continue to make a living by casting racism as the irredeemable sin. The radical Left will continue to invoke racism to defame America and erode the bonds that unite us as Americans. Yet it is a fact that we have solved racism as a systemic problem in our country. Racism is a human attribute. We can and should discourage it, but racism can no more be wholly eradicated than other forms of hatred and stupidity. There will always be individual racists. But as a society, we have made racism an attitude worthy of ostracism, any manifestation of which is condemnable, and many of which are legally actionable. Systemically, we can’t do more than that.

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