Trump's fight with Murkowski roils GOP with new Alaska challenger emerging

Republican Kelly Tshibaka, a former Alaska Department of Administration commissioner, has offered herself as a vessel for the supporters of the former President, who won the state twice, as she lambasts Murkowski for her penchant for deal-cutting and breaking with Trump... In an interview, Tshibaka noted that the Alaska Republican Party has censured Murkowski for voting to convict the former President for inciting the insurrection at the Capitol, and claimed Alaskans were concerned about "the needless fight that she picked with Donald Trump."... "We don't know the outcome of the 2020 election," Tshibaka responded when asked whether she agreed with Trump that he won the 2020 election. "In the 2020 election, there were questions raised in several states, and we're not allowed to look into the questions of those allegations to see what actually happened," she said. "I still have questions, and I think millions of other Americans do too."