Texas gov poll: Matthew McConaughey 45, Greg Abbott 33

Actor Matthew McConaughey has made clear he’s interested in running for elected office. And, at least according to a poll released Sunday, it seems like he has a shot at the top office of his home state. In the new poll by the Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler, 45 percent of registered voters in the state said they were likely to back the actor if he were to run for governor. That is 12 points more than the 33 percent of voters who said they would back Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican. Twenty-two percent said they would cast their ballot for someone else.

McConaughey has yet to say which political party he’d run with and hasn’t expressed allegiance to either Democrats nor Republicans. Looking at the numbers though it seems the Oscar-winning actor would likely have a better shot of winning if he were to run as a Democrat. While 56 percent of Republicans said they’d vote for Abbott and only 30 percent for McConaughey, among Democrats the pro-McConaughey camp is 66 percent, compared to 8 percent for Abbott. Independents also favor McConaughey over Abbott—44 percent to 28 percent.