Why we black leaders support voter ID

If corporate America wants to be truly woke, they must wake up to the fact that activists like Stacey Abrams -- and Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton before her -- absolutely do not represent the Black community; they represent the membership of their radical activist organizations and the interests of white elites, who are eager to open our borders wide and send more jobs overseas regardless of the effects these disastrous policies have on the Black community. To add insult to this patronizing injury, the very same liberal elites who blast voter ID laws that most Blacks support run corporations that practice similar ID policies. If every other ethnicity is required to show an ID to vote, why is the Black race considered incapable of doing so. This notion is absolutely insulting. You can’t board a plane without an ID. You can’t pick up a package from a UPS distribution center without an ID. You can’t buy alcohol without an ID. And you definitely can’t visit President Biden in the White House without an ID. Is that racist? Of course it isn’t.