Dems don't believe a word of their "Jim Crow" rhetoric on Georgia

Now, step back for a minute. What if this really was Jim Crow revived, or Jim Crow on steroids? What if the new law was expected to disenfranche many black voters and, in Warnock’s words, was an attack on “democracy itself?” Wouldn’t it be morally mandatory to pull business out of the state and grind its economy to a halt to stop this? And if you are against those steps, isn’t that an admission that this is not really what is happening?

The fact that Georgia Democrats are now so desperate to be seen opposing boycotts of the state’s economy is the best evidence that they never really believed their own overheated rhetoric in the first place, and are now in a panic at what happens when you tell lies so big, they escape your control and take on a life of their own. We have seen before where that leads. It is comforting to see that they now recognize that they have gone too far. Georgia voters should ask what else these people are lying to them about.