"Here we have a dream opportunity for the Republican party"

“Are we really at a place now where we’re going to be deciding where baseball players play the all-star game, one of America’s really most cherished mid-summer institutions, based on voting rules?” Scarborough asked. “It really, again, it’s ridiculous. And for Democrats, it’s short-sighted.”

Scarborough then shared with the Morning Joe audience past conversations with a set of individuals he called “data guys” in Florida, who correctly called the state for Trump. Why? Because they knew that three wedge issues wrapped the state up for former President Donald Trump: 1) fear of socialism, 2) “defund the police,” and 3) cancel culture, vis a vis, the NFL’s handling of Black Lives Matter and its backlash…

“Let’s be very specific here,” he summed up to Willie Geist. “Whether it was Hispanic men, black men, white men, it was making a difference. So here we have a dream opportunity for the Republican party, Willie. It’s not the NFL now. It’s MLB.”