Why did Biden put Harris in charge of the border crisis?

Harris’s record as a senator indicates that being able to change the minds of people she disagrees with isn’t one of her strong points, and she seems to be aware of this shortcoming. When she was a candidate for the presidency, she admitted that she would not be able to persuade Congress to pass immigration reform legislation. Her plan was to rely instead on executive actions.

Her difficulty persuading others to accept her views may be due to the fact that her views are ultra-liberal. The GovTrack 2019 Report Card ranked her as being the most liberal of the Senate’s 100 members.

Moreover, she didn’t show much inclination to work with the Republicans when she was a senator. She joined bipartisan bills less frequently than other Democratic senators.

She was one of just three Democrats who voted against a compromise that would have given the Trump administration billions of dollars for a border wall in exchange for a path to citizenship for Dreamers.