"It is time to open every school"

Scarborough note the caution he suggested in the earlier days of the pandemic and suggested that the pendulum has swung to the other side essentially. “People need to start opening up. We’ve got one out of three Americans, at least partially vaccinated; 4 million Americans got vaccinated on Saturday. Deaths and hospitalizations are plunging. It is time to open every school. It is time to start opening up cities like Boston. The mental health of Americans requires it with all of these vaccines already in the arms of Americans.”

After Sykes suggested that we are on the “three-yard line” in defeating the pandemic and it’s too early to spike the football, Scarborough pushed back, saying, “we aren’t on the three-yard line as it pertains to schools.

“A month ago, Anthony Fauci and others were saying, it’s time to get kids back in school,” he said. “I’m sorry if politicians are scared of teacher’s unions. I really am. If you’re that weak that you’re not going to do what’s in the best interest of children after Anthony Fauci is telling you to open up the schools, I feel sorry for you because you need to do what’s in the kids’ best interests.”

“There is no reason why buildings across Boston and in this country can’t open up, at least partially open up,” he concluded. “Wear n-95 masks, require six-foot distancing, have proper ventilation … Enough is enough. Follow the science.”

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