Why are Matt Gaetz's colleagues only speaking up now?

If typing all that made me feel like I needed to take a shower, then what the hell is wrong with Gaetz’s congressional colleagues who suspected or witnessed this behavior but did approximately jack shit to stop it? I’m serious. What is wrong with the people who knew about this and yet were more concerned with their own publicity than they were with the safety of their coworkers, upholding of the law, and the business of the country?

Not that I have any faith at all that Republicans will do the right thing here and take real steps to get Gaetz out of the Washington swamp and back to the Florida swamp where he belongs. The GOP of 2021 is more adept at throwing fits on and about Twitter than they are at displaying any degree of moral courage. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, continuing to run his out-of-control caucus like an overwhelmed babysitter the kids have locked in the bathroom, has not stripped Gaetz of his committee assignments, despite the seriousness of the allegations and the advanced state of the investigation. Gaetz’s Republican colleagues were brave enough to speak off the record about how they always knew the guy was rotten, but not brave enough to come out publicly and demand accountability.