WokeWorld comes for "oppressor" Obama

The fact that Obama deported far more than Trump was rarely reported. Because why get in the way of the Trump-is-a-racist narrative that led to so many clicks and ratings during his tenure?

Regardless, Obama enforcing the laws of this country while not adopting an open borders policy makes him an oppressor to some on the left.

Perhaps these Chicago activists could visit the current crisis at the border sometime, where one facility in Donna, Texas, was described as an “overcrowded purgatory” by CBS News in holding “17 times” more people than what “the facility was built to hold.”

The Associated Press also has counted in the Biden administration’s main border detention facility for migrant children more than 4,000 people, “including children and families” who were crammed into a space intended for just 250 people. During a pandemic, no less.

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