What it would take for the GOP to dump Gaetz

Gaetz’s biggest firewall, however, may be the Republican Party itself. The GOP has shown that there is considerable leeway allowed for poorly behaved men who are important to the party. The loyalty and support Republicans showed to former President Donald Trump — from the “Access Hollywood” tapes to the numerous allegations of sexual assault and misconduct levied against him —- made that clear.

While the House is currently in recess, there has been relative silence from the GOP about Gaetz — other than fellow Republicans Marjorie Taylor Greene and Jim Jordan, who have publicly proclaimed their support for him.

Gaetz also has Fox News, as well as an entire ecosystem of conservative media that may still offer him support. Despite Gaetz’s odd interview with Tucker Carlson this week, during which he addressed the claims and denied their veracity, Fox News has not covered the scandal extensively on air. But it isn’t hard to imagine that coverage of the Gaetz story could veer into conspiracy theories offered on his behalf, especially given the congressman’s claims that the allegations are part of an extortion plot.

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