Good luck with your fans, Major League Baseball

The MLB wants to be a Democratic Party interest group? Fine, Republicans should oblige them. I will. And the same applies to Delta, the nonofficial but very real airline of the Democratic Party, and Coca-Cola, the nonofficial but very real drink of the Democratic Party. Good luck with your fans and your customers. Maybe they won’t notice.

None of the leaders of these organizations appears to have done anything other than listen to agitprop from the left that was designed to score political points free of the law’s actual provisions. It seems none of those involved in this week’s virtue signaling — Manfred, Delta Chief Executive Ed Bastian and Coca-Cola Chief Executive James Quincey — engaged anyone with comprehensive knowledge of the bill.

A comprehensive review of the new law was undertaken by Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB)— not exactly a segregationist stronghold. The bill expands early voting access for most counties, adds an additional mandatory Saturday for voting and formally codifies Sunday voting hours as optional. “Secure absentee ballot drop boxes — which did not exist a year ago — are now officially part of state law, but not without some new changes,” reports GPB. Changes to absentee voting requiring ID were indeed made, and these sorts of revisions are needed given the problems that plagued voting in America last year — New York’s troubles counting votes, the incredibly close House race in Iowa that Democrats were trying to overturn until a few days ago, and so on — as well as the deluge of false claims about fraud and real fears of foreign interference. The best security and thus the best assurance for everyone that voting is free of fraud is robust voter ID requirements.