Why Christian voters want more politicians like Donald Trump

So, in a post-Trump world, do faith voters like Chan and Doll worry they’ve lost a champion for good?

Absolutely not, said Tim Meehan, 72, a devout Catholic from Newtown Square, Pa. He said conservatives in the past too often voted for candidates who professed to share their religious beliefs, but then buckled to secular pressures as soon as they got to Washington.

“Those days are gone and Trump changed that forever,” he said. “While future candidates may not share his unorthodox comportment, they need to share his unwillingness to cave.”…

“In the last campaign we heard constantly what a devout Roman Catholic Joe Biden was, right?” Meehan said. “And then he signs onto removing all restrictions from any state abortion laws and funding Planned Parenthood. There’s a great space between what people are identifying as a man of faith and what his actions are.”

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