Poll: Half disapprove of Biden's handling of immigration

The influx of migrants – particularly unaccompanied minors – at the Southern border has created a new problem, and it’s one on which President Biden doesn’t fare especially well. More Americans disapprove (48%) than approve (35%) of his handling of that issue. Even among his own party, Biden’s approval rating on immigration (64% vs 19%) is much lower than his overall approval (84% vs 7%) and handling of COVID-19 (81% vs 9%).

One in four Republicans approves of President Biden’s handling of the pandemic (26% approve, 63% disapprove), but just 10% of Republicans approve of his handling of immigration (82% disapprove). Independents approve of his management of COVID-19 (45% vs 38%), but overwhelmingly disapprove of his immigration performance (28% approve, 52% disapprove).