It's now easier to vote by mail in Georgia than it is in New York

The rhetoric is that the Republican majority Georgia legislature enacted this law to suppress black voting in “urban areas,” which used to be called cities before two words took the place of one. The law, it’s argued, “fixes” non-existent problems based on lies perpetrated by Trump in his claims that the election was rigged. The alternative view is that the law codifies transitory changes arising from an election held during a pandemic, together with adoption of some “ease of use” methods that have become absolutely necessary to facilitate voting by people who either found it burdensome before or just couldn’t be bothered to put in the effort.

Under the new Georgia law, it will be easier to vote by mail than it is in New York. Citizens will have a far longer window to vote than in New Jersey. In New York, gifts on line under a dollar are exempt from criminalization, but you can still hand out free stuff in Georgia as long as it’s 150 feet away from the polling place. There will be too many drop boxes in the sticks and not enough in cities. Then again, how many states had drop boxes before the pandemic?

Yet, businesses like Delta, Coke and Dell, are now under pressure to leave Georgia.

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