More mixed messages from Rochelle Walensky and the CDC

“While we believe that fully vaccinated people can travel at low risk to themselves, CDC is not recommending travel at this time due to the rising number of cases,” said Walensky.

This may sound contradictory, but it’s standard fare for the CDC, which doesn’t want people to do anything that carries even a slight of risk of harm. Indeed, Walensky admitted earlier this week that all available evidence suggests “vaccinated people do not carry the virus” at all, meaning the risk of transmission from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated is likely quite low. Fearful that this terrific news might make people less cautious, the CDC immediately walked back the guidance…

At best, experts will admit the science shows virtually no transmission between unmasked, vaccinated people who congregate outdoors—but still insist that everyone follows all the same mitigation protocols. It’s not the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it’s just the Center for Control.

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