Georgia Dems stare down a mob of their own making

But Ossoff and Abrams ought to know that once a mob takes shape, it will not settle for anything less than what it came for: the total destruction of that which it opposes. We see this all the time nowadays. People lose their jobs and reputations over years-old tweets, and anyone who questions the ideological conformity woke extremists are pushing is shamed into remorse.

Now the mob has an entire state in its crosshairs, and it will not back down until Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp is punished for signing the election reform bill into law, state Republicans are ousted for proposing and passing it, and Georgia-based corporations are financially crippled because they didn’t speak out against the bill “soon enough.”

The irony here is that Georgia Democrats created this mob. They deliberately misrepresented Georgia’s election reform law and made it out to be the undoing of the civil rights era — a false and ridiculous claim that is easily debunked by a quick skim of the law’s text. Democrats lied about the bill, hoping to convince minority Americans that they’re on the verge of being disenfranchised, to scare them into voting blue.

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