The Biden baseball league

Note how America’s elites have quickly fallen in line. First the media picked up the Democratic theme and distorted the truth about the law. As CNN put it, the new law “introduces new impediments to voting, reducing the number of drop boxes in heavily African-American areas.” But drop boxes were allowed in Georgia only as a temporary measure during the pandemic. The new law allows more drop boxes than Georgia had in 2019, which was zero.

Next came the fleet of CEOs intimidated by political threats. Now comes MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred, who said in a statement that “Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.” He thus puts a high-minded but distorted patina on a decision to take a side in a partisan debate over the balance between the important values of ballot access and ballot integrity…

Mr. Biden’s lobbying of MLB, and Mr. Manfred’s acquiescence, is every bit as politically divisive as Donald Trump’s stigmatizing of athletes for taking a knee during the national anthem. It furthers the destructive progressive desire to politicize everything. So much for healing and uniting the country.

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