Wisconsin demands $100,000 from Sidney Powell over election lawsuit

Evers asked for the La Crosse County Republican Party chairman who brought the case, as well as Powell and other attorneys, to pay $106,780 in attorneys fees the state incurred while defending themselves against the lawsuit, which failed in both a lower court and at the U.S. Supreme Court.

In an email to Forbes, Powell said Evers’ request was “baseless, improper, and out of time,” adding, “The case is closed.”

In addition to the attorneys fees, Evers also asked the court to sanction the plaintiffs and counsel, which he asked to be through paying a fine either to the court or to a voting rights organization in Wisconsin.

The lawsuit was filed “without the support of credible, relevant, or remotely admissible evidence,” Evers’ attorneys wrote, and was “based entirely upon inadmissible, outlandish, and speculative testimony” that alleged widespread voter fraud but “obviously lacked any plausible or factual basis.”

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