Inside Republicans' battle plan on infrastructure

The RNC is taking a narrow view of what constitutes “infrastructure” spending: “roads, bridges, waterways, ports, and airports.”

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell took a similar position. Biden’s proposal, he said on Wednesday, “would spend more money just on electric cars than on America’s roads, bridges, ports, airports, and waterways combined.”

A new memo from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says: “Biden’s so-called infrastructure plan spends less than 6 percent to repair bridges, highways, and roads. The rest is a ‘kitchen sink’ of wasteful progressive demands.”

Several Republican offices have also been circulating a Wall Street Journal editorial, highlighting this passage: “First came $1.9 trillion in social spending under the cover of Covid-19, and now comes $2.3 trillion more for climate and political spending dressed as ‘infrastructure.’ … Mr. Biden has proven to be the perfect political front for the Warren-Sanders agenda.”

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