GA's election law isn't voter suppression, but Republicans need to ease up

For Republicans, using that lens would have required them to immediately and unequivocally remove any and all doubt in the public that they think the November election was rigged or stolen in any way shape or form. The phrase, “former President Donald J. Trump lost fairly” would need to be said from every channel.

It would have also required elected Republicans in politically safe districts to resist the temptation to superficially support knee-jerk reaction legislation, such as not allowing the distribution of water within 150 feet of a polling station or punishing and removing oversight responsibilities from the former president’s scapegoat and popularly-elected statewide official Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, just to appease the extreme right corners of their districts and to avoid potential primary challenges…

I get it, Republicans have a huge hole to climb out of in the coming years because of the shrapnel created by the 2020 election and its fallout. As Republicans, we must change the tone we use in future elections; conservatism shouldn’t be confused as divisive or mean-spirited. We need genuine empathy so we can understand and reach more voters. And we need to champion conservative causes that can win broad support and restore pillars like fiscal restraint that have crumbled as the GOP has put person over party. I call this approach GOP 2.0

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